Transcapital Funding & COVID-19

As of today the following are important notes to understand. If there are additional questions or needs during the next few weeks again we ask that you contact us through email. We will respond to the current voice messages as we can but as you can imagine the call volume has escalated exponentially and if we are on the phone we are not working on the progress needed to help affected customers.

  • TransCapital is open. The steps taken early on to fortify our technology platform enable us all to work wherever and whenever it is needed. With that said if you are in need of additional capital during this time please reach out in the same manner as mentioned above.
  • New Applications and the additional information that may be needed can be submitted online and will be administered within 24 hours
  • Loan Modifications are being offered – Customers experiencing extreme conditions that are requesting relief from current payments are being addressed in the most fastidious manner possible. If you are one of those affected we ask that you contact us for a contract modification questionnaire and we will help to facilitate that change ASAP. We are working with each customer and partner depending on the current need and timeframe and where warranted amending contracts of current customers.
  • If you have an ACH payment that cannot be made before an approved amendment is in place we ask that you contact us immediately and continue to process the loan amendment/modification as mentioned above.
  • We have supported the transportation and trucking industries for over two decades working through many crisis’s. We plan to work through this latest disruption as well. We ask that you support your industries, your employees as well and do everything possible to assist each other during this extreme time. We will do our part and this too shall pass.
  • We are keeping an eye on the following: and looking towards nations that are in the latter stages of this crisis to take some direction on how the spread has slowed or stopped and how they begin opening their economies to new business. As we move forward we will keep an eye on any new developments and advise accordingly. We are also following Matt Daus at He has been sharing daily updates as they relate to the transportation industry and has thoughtful and relevant information. Email Matt to be included in the daily email.

We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers daily and know that US small businesses like you are the backbone of this nation and will continue to be long after this has passed. We will work together to find solutions and support each other during this time until we are prosperous once again.

NO Payment’s for UP to 90 Days on A new Deferred Payment Program

Buy Now, Pay Later. Our deferred payment options can assist with new equipment deferring payments for up to 90 days before the loan payback period begins. This way, you can begin recovery without stressing this month’s income.

Discover the flexibility of deferred financing with Transcapital Funding

Comprehensive Fleet Management Assistance Available

Help is available to evaluate your current vehicle fleet, discuss the economic environment or help with right sizing your fleet for current changes. We are experts in our industry and are always here to offer free assistance to make proper decisions – Smart, Fast, Easy!

Want to discuss ways we can help your business further?

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